Our Philosophy


We provide an eco-centric, residential bootcamp experience, appealing to anyone looking to kick-start or accelerate their health, fitness and wellbeing, with an emphasis on sustainability.

We take pride in hosting our retreats at our luxurious country manor house in Somerset, providing a comforting home-like feel in beautiful surroundings. 

Our aim is to provide an initial kick-start into healthy living, but also to teach you how to apply these habits back at home. We aim to inspire people to move away from fad diets and calorie counting towards healthy, nutritious foods that are sustainably sourced. 

We aim to provide not only a complete package of exercise and good nutrition during the week but an education and ongoing support during and after your stay, through our continuation programme, to ensure your aims are achieved.

We also offer a tailor made bootcamp service.  If you, a group of friends, a group of colleagues or even your family wish to have a bespoke bootcamp designed then this is something we can organise together.  You tell us what you want and we will try to match your request.

Maybe you want to learn how to make fermented foods, get fit for your skiing holiday, learn some easy healthy go-to recipes, get more mobile, learn more about growing your own vegetables.  These are examples of ideas we can incorporate into a bootcamp designed for you.