The Somerset Bootcamp

Take residence in our outstanding 16th century converted farm house perched along side the River Brue, just a short distance away from the mystical Glastonbury Tor. 

Our 3- night & 7-night all-inclusive programmes are fun-filled, motivating, educational experiences incorporating a variety of activities, seminars and relaxation, all tailored to help you reach your personal goals.

Set within our idyllic grounds, we have our own private studio and gym, containing the latest fitness equipment. From our doorstep we can explore a vast range of activities, including invigorating walks and cycles in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

On request, our unique bootcamp experience can incorporate a vast variety of activities, such as raft building, foraging, vegetable growing, apple juice making and many others, keeping you active without the monotony of being on a treadmill or in a gym. 

A typical day will include activities and seminars from 7am until 5pm as well as, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two snacks. From 5pm it is your relaxation time. This could mean enjoying a soothing massage, listening to your favourite songs in our music room, or reading a book by one of our three beautiful wood burners.

No day will be the same nor training session repeated.

Click here to view a sample day. 

We provide nutritious food that is delicious, healthy and sustainable, encouraging everyone to go back-to-basics by only consuming seasonal, unprocessed foods that are both good for your health and the environment. We have begun growing a lot of the produce that we use in our recipes on site and aim to become as self-sustainable as possible, as well as raising our our chickens for daily fresh eggs.  

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Our focus of the week is to equip you with tools to make long-lasting positive lifestyle changes that you can continue to apply back at home. 

On arrival we provide a full body composition analysis as well as an in depth movement screen which will allow us to analyse any potential imbalances that could lead to injuries or set backs in your progression. Throughout your stay we will then guide you on how to correct these imbalances, allowing you to reach your goals at a much quicker pace, while sustaining them in the long-term. 

It is a great chance to dedicate a week to yourself, leaving you feeling energised and with a great sense of accomplishment.   

 Please contact us should you have any queries.